Stranger in Wonderland


I heard there was going to be a supermoon last night. A supermoon is a big moon which is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach of the moon to the Earth. I walked out of my house, trying to find the moon, but I couldn’t see it. I supposed the moon was hidden behind the trees. So I came up with going somewhere where I could get an unobstructed view. I went back home in a hurry and said to my husband, “Let’s go see the supermoon!”

Getting into our car, we headed to the parking lot of the nearest Safeway. At the same moment when we passed through the apartment gate, I glimpsed the big bright moon rising up in the sky. If I wasn’t driving, I would have gazed longer.

And then, having arrived at the parking lot, we were finally able to see the moon over the trees. But it seemed a little bit smaller than the moon I saw at the gate. The next supermoon will be August 10 then September 9. I hope I can see it on the top of a mountain or beside a lake.


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