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Dentist Photo by purplemattfish

By going to see a dentist, I have learned a lot of new words.

To keep your teeth healthy, you should have an annual checkup. You will have a teeth cleaning, bone level evaluation, X-ray, and checkup done by the dentist. During a teeth cleaning, your gums may bleed. If this happens, you will surely be recommended to use dental floss. The gums are the pink tissue that surrounds the teeth.

If you have a toothache, you may have cavities. An anesthesia is a shot used for blocking pain from a certain area of body. Before tooth drilling, dentists may use anesthesia. There are several types of tooth fillings. Inlay is the smallest one, crown is the biggest one which covers your tooth, and onlay is in the middle of inlay and crown.

When my inlay came off from my lower left back teeth, I called my dentist immediately so that I could make an appointment on the same day. My dentist checked my teeth and said that the hole was shallow, so I don’t need a treatment if I don’t want to. After having seen how it went for two days, I decided I wanted to get my teeth covered after all. Whenever I ate something, food would always go into the shallow hole, and I didn’t like it. Consequently, I went to see my dentist again, and got my teeth filled.

This ESL material helped me a lot, which includes short readings and conversations in everyday situations, such as “Dentist’s Office”, “Auto Mechanic” or “Car Rentals”.


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