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I found some insect-like thing around my kitten’s butt the day before yesterday. Moreover, I seemed to have been bitten by fleas or bed bugs unfortunately. My kittens were okay, and their poop seemed normal. Suspecting they were tapeworms, I asked my vet via email what to do yesterday.

Then I received an email from her in the evening. They were dried tapeworm segments as I thought. She said she prescribed the medicine and I could pick up it anytime during the business hours. I was impressed at her taking the time out of her busy schedule. How kind of her!

This morning, I got my kitten’s medication for tapeworm at the vet clinic. The pill was bigger than I expected, so I asked the staff how I gave him the medicine. She recommended that I split the pill and cover the pieces with cream cheese. The other woman said peanut butter was also good.

After going back home, I made my kitten try cream cheese, and he liked it. Then I split the pill into eight pieces and covered with some cream cheese. He licked off the cream cheese, but didn’t swallow the piece of the pill. This flopped. Next, I forced him to open his mouth, and threw in the piece of the pill. I felt so sorry for him, but I had no choice. Even though he seemed to be confused, he managed to swallow it. This was repeated 5-6 times. Thanks to his patience, finally all the pieces of the pill were gone!

I really hope it works well for him.



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