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A month and a half ago, I adopted two kittens from a nearby animal shelter. I used to have a cat, but now he lives in my parents’ house. After visiting my friend who has two cats, I found that two sibling cats can live nicely together. That is when I decided that I wanted to adopt two sibling kittens someday.

One of them is a black boy kitten, and the other is a brown tabby girl kitten. When they came to my house for the first time, they were scared and cautious. Soon, they became familiar with their new situation. They were so clever that they quickly understood how to use the litter box.

I’m happy seeing them playing, wrestling, grooming and sleeping together. I heard kittens learn social and predatory behaviors from their siblings. They don’t get lonely even when I go out during daytime. They rarely get bored, and I rarely have to worry about them acting mischievous to get attention.

It’s so much fun watching two kittens. I especially love seeing them sleeping in funny positions.


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